Cuidado de la Salud

“A.I. no reemplazará a los médicos, sin embargo, los médicos que usan A.I. reemplazará a aquellos que no " (El futurista médico)


We believe this is a reality. An army of new methods and techniques ready to be applied for image-based disease diagnosis is here to stay. And one of our most exciting projects at Zowl Labs is how to put these technologies to work in early detection of cancer in radiology.

Main applications

Healthcare products

At Zowl Labs we are working on healthcare products that apply artificial intelligent to help save people lives. Radiography-based Cancer screening methods will become standard physicians tools.

Introducing deep learning technologies adapted to standardized medical protocols brings the power of AI to doctors in a seamless way.

Automatic image diagnostics

Fast and improved detection in medical imaging together with new forms of visualization adapted to the professional needs is key for delivering this technology into usable products.


Deep learning, convolutional neural networks, GPU, DICOM, medical imaging.