Put visual intelligence into your camera network

Select from a set of tools (algorithms) for intelligent video processing that better fits your needs (Face detection, traffic analysis, person detection)

Optimise monitoring and resources

Give priority to monitoring cameras that are most likely to convey critical information (e.g. security threats) through Colibrie’s automatic camera feed prioritization tool. Perfect for displaying in videowalls.

Send alarms

Configure Colibrie to send alarms, emails and other information to feed your security network with high-level alerts.

In-house server

Your cameras connected to a local network or to the internet are accessed from a private video processing server running Colibrie platform server. This server, located in the customer facilities, analyses the video streams with artificial vision algorithms and generates messages that are pushed to the customer own infrastructure to be consumed and/or displayed.

The choice for critical private-content applications and medium to big number of capture devices.

Cloud server

Our cameras connected to the internet are captured from a video processing server running Colibrie platform. This processing service is provided by Colibrie compatible cloud platforms not requiring any hardware in the costumer.

The choice for customers with small number of cameras.

Licensing options

Pay once license

Per camera and for full unlimited use.


Pay a monthly fee per camera and get updates included.