Do you need your employees to feel safe in their workspace?

Do you need your employees to feel safe in their workspace?

 How is the problem solved?

 How is the problem solved?

Thanks to artificial intelligence and vision technology, applied to the existing camera infrastructure, the Colibrie Health Guard system allows the detection, recording and accounting of:

  • Proper use of masks.
  • Distance control
  • Temperature measurement
  • Detection of security elements
  • Online analysis and statistics


Generating the following outputs or reports in real time:


  • Sound alarms, or messages.
  • A daily report with statistics.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
applied to infrastructure
of existing cameras.

Guarantees safety and prevention
in the workspaces, achieving a
safe environment for your employees and clients.

Detects, records and accounts for:
use of masks, distance control,
temperature measurement.


In-house server

Colibrie Health Guard is not traditional analytics and video management software. It is an intelligent visual sensing system, adapted to the requirements generated by the pandemic and designed to quickly integrate into the existing infrastructure, in the most transparent way for the user.

Licensing options


Pay a monthly fee per camera and get updates included.

What hardware do you require?

Depending on the number of video channels,
the basic version requires a workstation for processing with GPU connected to the camera network.

How is it installed?

Colibrie Health Guard is installed
as a Windows service that starts
automatically with the PC turned on.

What happens when it detects an alarm?

Colibrie Spot integrates multiple communication interfaces including: alarm messages (Mail and TCP),
registration in database and messages on screen.

Apply Artificial Intelligence in your company or business now!

 Apply Artificial Intelligence in your company or business now!


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