Video Intelligence

Thousands of cameras are being deployed daily in our cities, public spaces, airports and private facilities. The gigantic flow of information that they provide needs for advanced and efficient video analysis methods to make better and faster decisions.


At Zowl Labs, we push novel deep learning technologies for computer vision to the limit, closing the gap between computer science and real solutions. From facial recognition and analysis to traffic monitoring, we develop applications that give meaning to images. Through specialized hardware and frameworks for neural network computations the power of AI is delivered to your content with our flexible architectures.

Main applications

Facial recognition

In Zowl Labs we develop state-of-the-art algorithms to analyse faces and people. Expression analysis, pose estimation, audience counting and classification.

We provide flexible software architectures to accommodate your applications using either existing or targeted surveillance cameras, embedded systems or prerecorded video.

Traffic analysis

Vehicle tracking, counting and classification. Traffic analysis technology for smart cities, parkings and logistics.

Control vehicle access and behavior in real time to build security and surveillance applications from your camera feeds.

Customer analysis and behavior

The next step for intelligent shopping and retail experience. Feed your data analytic software with visual information and statistics to learn more about your customer habits. Make intelligent shopping a new experience for clients to boost your sales.